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The fine art photography definition is - photography created in line with the vision of the photographer as an artist, using photography as a medium for creative expression.


Furthermore, the goal of fine art photography is to express an idea, a message, or an emotion.

My idea and message is to leave the world a better place.

As an artist I feel  that it is partly my responsibility to use my talents to create beautiful fine art photographs that will help sway the mood and disposition of those who view my artwork by using a sort of pay it forward method.

If one person is in a great mood because of viewing and taking pleasure in my fine art giclee prints, he or she will treat others more kindly making a better place for those around them.

~Thomas Watkins Fine Art

 Phoenix, Arizona

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Find the right art for you!


Take a look through my online gallery to get a better idea of what piece would work best in your home.

A few things to keep in mind while searching for that perfect fine art photography piece are:

  • Room décor: What are the other colors in the room? Is the furniture dark or light colors? What about the wall colors? Or the curtains? All the colors of the room must work together to create an inviting living space. If you have questions I can help. Send me a message from my CONTACT page.

  • Lighting: Does the room have ample lighting or will you need to install directional spot lights? If you want to get the most out of your artwork, make sure it's in a well lit location so you can capitalize on the vibrant colors, tones and nuance details.

  •  Other artwork: What other pieces do you have on display? Are they abstract art pieces? Landscape oil paintings? or other nature fine art photography wall art? I'd like you to consider how an art gallery is organized. You don't really want oil paintings of hay bails in subdued colors next to metallic prints of 1950's hot rods. Keep the rooms theme in mind when choosing your next piece.

With that in mind I have divided up my online art gallery pages into several categories that will lead you to whatever genre of fine art photography you’re most interested in.


For instance you can view abstract photography , flower photos, mountainspanoramics and many others including my most recent work.

On the individual image pages you'll have the option to buy an open edition giclee fine art print or a limited edition framed canvas of that original framed nature wall art photography piece by clicking the "Buy Print" link and that will take you to my fine art print shop.

I am an award winning fine art nature photographer based in Phoenix, AZ.


It started for me after I moved to Arizona nearly 20 years ago. At first, I wasn't thrilled about moving to Phoenix. But after living here for only a few months, I fell in love with the landscapes of the American Southwest!


In addition to nature photography I'm also a nature conservationist and volunteer for the Arizona Antelope Foundation (AAF).

More than just the sunsets and grand vistas that Arizona landscape photography offers, I love to show the more intimate side of this world we live in by taking a closer look at the details that surround us but largely go unseen.


Because of my volunteer work with AAF, I have recently began a new adventure into wildlife photography so follow along as I continue to explore Arizona's beautiful landscapes and the plants and animals that inhabit this incredibly diverse state.

Do you care about where your art comes from? Should you? The quick answer is definitely yes. 

Buying art is very personal.


Not only does it improve your mood and disposition every time you view it.


But it also reflects your tastes, your style and your sophistication to every single person that visits your home. 

If those things are important to you, then you'll want to know where your art comes from.

I suggest that you buy direct from the artist. You'll always know where the art comes from and you'll always have an idea of the quality you should expect. 


Creating my own fine art photography has always pushed me to make the best fine art prints that I can.

From the darkroom creating fine art silver gelatin limited edition prints to the computer creating top quality fine art giclee prints and limited edition floating frame canvases, I do it all in my home based e-commerce print shop.

All original fine art nature photography is guaranteed to be created and printed by me!

That includes matting the prints, wrapping and varnishing the canvas  and any custom framing that needs to be done. 

If you want to learn how I go about making a nature photography fine art print check it out.


My blog is like a mental sketchbook. In it you'll find ideas and opinions, some stories behind certain images and Informative essays. I have a degree in art education so I like to keep them lesson based.


I add stuff to it pretty often so you should stop by from time to time.

Throughout the year I partake in outdoor art festivals all over Arizona to meet new people and sell my original giclee fine art prints and framed giclee canvas wall art.

I have a lot of fun at these festivals and have met many wonderful people


So, aside from buying fine art giclee prints from my e-commerce site, you can find the locations I'll be set up by follow this link to my shows and buy giclee prints directly from me.

I think with this section it's best to lead with what others have said about my fine art giclee prints and giclee canvases.

"Discovered Thomas's photography a while back and immediately loved the perspective..."

"We recently purchased two photographic prints from Thomas. His artwork is beautiful, and..."

If you want to read the rest of what these wonderful people had to say about my fine art prints, you can find their words by clicking the link above.

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Phoenix, Arizona 
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