Giclee Prints, Framed Canvas Wall Art and Silver Gelatin Fine Art

I am a Phoenix Arizona based fine art nature photographer, printer, and conservationist.

Along with the landscapes of the American southwest, I love to show the more intimate side of this world we live in by taking a closer look at the details that surround us but largely go unseen.


Which is why I'm considered a nature photographer rather than a landscape photographer.


I have recently began my adventure into wildlife photography to round out my own photographic desires. 

I have divided up my online gallery pages into several catagories that will lead you to whatever genre of fine art photography wall art you’re most interested in.


For instance you can view abstract photography , flower photos, mountainspanoramics and many others including my most recent work.

On the individual image pages you'll have the option to buy an open edition giclee fine art print or a limited edition framed canvas of that original framed nature wall art photography piece by clicking the "Buy Print" link and that will take you to my fine art print shop.

Since I started this journey creating fine art photography, I have always pushed myself to make the best fine art prints that I can.

From the darkroom creating fine art silver gelatin limited edition prints to the computer creating top quality fine art giclee prints that start at 11x14 for $55.00 and limited edition floater frame canvas giclee, I do it all in my home based e-commerce print shop.

All original fine art nature photography is guaranteed to be created and printed by me!

That includes matting the prints, wrapping and varnishing the canvas nature wall art and any custom framed nature photography that needs to be done. 

My blog is like a mental sketchbook. In it you'll find ideas and opinions, some stories behind certain images and Informative essays. I have a degree in art education so I like to keep them lesson based.


So if you want to learn how I go about making a nature photography fine art print check it out.


I add stuff to it pretty often so you should stop by from time to time.

Throughout the year I partake in outdoor art festivals all over Arizona to meet new people and sell my original giclee fine art prints and framed canvas wall art.

I have a lot of fun at these festivals and have met many wonderful people


So, aside from buying fine art prints from my e-commerce site, you can find the locations I'll be set up by follow this link to my shows.

I think with this section it's best to lead with what others have said.

"Discovered Thomas's photography a while back and immediately loved the perspective..."

"We recently purchased two photographic prints from Thomas. His artwork is beautiful, and..."

If you want to read the rest of what these wonderful people had to say about my fine art prints, you can find their words by clicking the link abov.

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