How to buy art

Consider viewing your walls as a blank canvas, an opportunity to showcase your personal tastes through color, subject, and composition. It’s often what we choose to hang on our walls that makes a space feel truly our own.

When deciding on the perfect nature or abstract photography piece (or pieces) for your home or office, here's a couple of things to consider.

  • Color is a powerful and emotional subject and choosing colors is a personal expression that makes a statement about who you are, what you love, and the life you want. From the colors of the clothes you wear to the color of the paint on your office's wall, the color decisions we make all come from an immediate response and every mood has a connection to certain colors.

So to find out what colors resonate with you and that you want to surround yourself with ask,

  • What colors make you feel happy, calm, comfortable, and relaxed when you’re at home?
  • What colors and personality do you want to exhibit while working from your office?
  • What colors will set the mood and tone immediately when your next client walks into your business's lobby? 


Of all the elements that we can add to our environments, nature and abstract wall art is the most dynamic. By surrounding yourself with the right wall art and decor you can enhance your mood and emotional wellbeing. You will also showcase your style, personality, values and taste to anyone visiting your home or office. Remember, everyone responds to beautiful wall art and certain colors in specific ways.

Here are a few examples of ways colors are perceived:

  • Red: Passion, excitement, love
  • Pink: Soft, reserved, earthy
  • Purple: Mysterious, noble, glamorous
  • Blue: Wisdom, hope, reason, peace
  • Green: Nature, growth, freshness
  • Yellow: Hope, joy, danger
  • Orange: Warmth, kindness, joy
  • White: Truth, indifference
  • Black: Noble, mysterious, cold

Imagine the impression you can make on your friends and family or the next client that comes to your office! How would you like that first impression to go? 

Nature photography wall art can transform any space in your home or office into a work of art and certain colors can inspire certain moods and feelings in anyone.

I have been photographing the beautiful state of Arizona for the last 20 years and I've been selling luxury home decor since 2016.

Through formal training in photography, art, and education, I have been blessed with the opportunity to create luxurious photographic wall art of scenic landscapes including the red rocks of Sedona, the Grand Canyon, aspen forests, lakes, hidden streams, waterfalls and intimate close-up details of nature's less noticed and abstract treasures.

Since 2016 I have been in the business of creating these photographic wall art prints professionally and showing them at art festivals and home shows throughout Arizona as my full time profession and passion. Now many of these stunning wall art pieces grace the homes and offices of collectors across the country.

Your home decor piece begins by being photographed in RAW image capture, creating the highest quality digital negative. It is then printed using vibrant, archival papers and canvases to bring the artwork into a physical life that will offer you a lifetime of inspiration and joy.