Blue paint abstract photo by Thomas Watkins.


One of my favorite questions has to be about where I get my influences. Unbeknown to many people is the fact that I have a Bachelor’s degree in art education. In order to acquire that degree I had to study ALL forms of art. That included studies on drawing, 2-dimensional design, architecture, illustration and painting. It was in my painting class that my teacher introduced me to the works of Mark Rothko, who is now one of my all-time favorite artists and I think you can see just how much this piece was influenced by Rothko’s works.

To answer the question, I draw my influence from several places. Not just photography but from other forms of art, especially abstract and minimalist painters. I feel that studying other art forms has opened my mind (and my eyes) to many more photographic opportunities.

So, I encourage all photographers and other artists to study other art forms! Don’t get stuck on one form or another or you’ll risk getting complacent and other people will typecast your work making very difficult to change up your style.

Aside from the other art forms, I’m heavily influenced by color theory and how certain colors affect people’s moods through psychology. When you realize how certain colors affect you emotionally, you can begin to decorate your home in ways that will calm you, energize you, comfort you or influence you (and your guests!)  in any way that you want.