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Manipulating Photos

One of the most frequent questions that I'm asked when I'm selling my artwork at festivals is "are these enhanced or manipulated?"

There are so many people that shy away from answering the question of manipulating images. They seem to think that it's taboo or something. There was a photographer at one of the festivals I attended who I overheard stating "Absolutely not! I never manipulate my photography!" She was very emphatic about it too.

The way I see it is this, if I do not manipulate the image and let the camera do everything, it is not art! It's a technical process with no human interaction. No feeling. No life breathed into it. No loving caress bringing it to life.

Just cold calculation.

Sure a human (for the time being anyway) composes the image, adjusts the aperture and shutter speed at the time of exposure. But that's only half the process. As Ansel Adams once said "The negative is the score, the print is the performance." The print, the final image, THAT is what counts! To that end, I say Hell YES I manipulate my images! I demand that they perform the way I know they can when I compose and make the exposure in the field.

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