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A sought after balance.

Balance. We all want it. Whether it be a balance between work and play, job and family.

Balance is incredibly important in living a full rich life.

It's never all about just what you or I want it's about what others want as well. You sacrifice some family time to work longer hours to help pay off debts but if it goes on for an extended amount of time you begin experiencing strain on your relationships because it become too heavy on the work side of the scale. The opposite is also true, It's hard to focus on your work when your constantly thinking and worrying about how you're going to take care of your family.

You experience burn out if all you do is work and have no time for anything else.

There are so many ways to prove this and they've all been done before.

So I'll focus on what I know. Here is the number one thing that helped me find balance.

Remove the debt from your life!

If you can afford to work less, you have more time for more important things in life.

The two best practices that I've found to achieve this are:

1. Stop spending money on shit you don't need.

Working long hours every now and then is fine to add a little extra weight to your paycheck. But don't do it at every possible opportunity because you absolutely MUST have the newest iPhone and drive a Lexus or BMW to impress people who probably don't give a damn anyway.

2. Be smarter about paying off your debt.

If you have no debt you won't need to work three jobs. And paying off your debt is so incredibly simple. It takes time. But, if your clear and focused on getting debt free, the time it really takes is relatively short.

Let me explain. Say you've got four payments that you need to make every month. This excludes things that you can't pay off. ie Utilities; rent, gas, electric, ect.

That leaves:

2 Credit cards equaling $2000 (1 for $1200 and 1 for $800)

1 school loan for $35,000

1 car you still owe $8,000 on

Your minimum monthly payments for those are

Card 1 = $100

Card 2 = $60

School = $350

Car = $500

for a total of $1010

You only pay just above the minimum because you have utilities and groceries that you need too. So,

Card 1 you pay $125

Card 2 you pay $65

School you pay $375

Car you pay $525

Totaling $1090

Ok. Here's what you do. Get aggressive on the smallest bill only. Pay the minimum on everything else.


Card 1 new payment of $100

Card 2 new payment = $140

School new payment $350

Car new payment $500

Card 2 will now be paid off in 6 months. Destroy it.

The next step is to attack the next smallest remaining debt. Card 1.

Keep paying the minimum on the others.

Now here's the trick. So pay attention!

Add the full $140 that was going to Card 2 to the payment of Card 1!

Add ALL of the extra money because it was being spent anyway and you won't miss it.

The payments now look like this.

Card 1 = $240

School = $350

Car = $500

Card 1 will now be paid off in 5 months! (1200 / 240 = 5)

Now add THAT extra payment ($740/month) to the car and it'll be paid for in less than 11 months. 8000 / 740 = 10.8.

And follow the formula again with the school $35,000 /$1240 = 28.22 months.

It will take time but all that debt could be gone in less than 3 and a half years.

I'm simplifying but the concept is true and it works. I know. That's how we did it. It took over 10 years but my wife and I have been debt free for about three years now.

It was taught to me to go after the debt with the highest interest rate first, but I found that the small victories you get from knocking out the smaller debts really kept the drive going.

Now that you know how to become debt free, you can put the practices to work and achieve the balance you need in your life sooner rather than later.

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