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I know it's harder this way but....

I print.

It's what I do.

I do not upload files to a Print on Demand website. Even though it would be so much easier.

Because, and I cannot express this enough, the honor and pride and connection I feel when a perfect stranger finds one of my prints so appealing that they open a dialogue, get to know me, and spend their hard earned money on investing in my future as an artist.

There really is NOTHING else like it. This isn't a business investing in my training to help make them money. This isn't someone hiring me to provide a service and then go our separate ways when the job is done.

This goes so much deeper than that!

This is someone who wants to enjoy what I've created every day by hanging it on a wall in their house, walking up to it, admiring it, letting it into their hearts, becoming like family. That is WHY I print, WHY I sign my prints, and WHY I don't give a digital file so someone else can "deal with" printing it. I want my prints to have value beyond the sum of their parts.

I know there are people who understand this.

And I thank you with everything that I am.

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