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After speaking to many people at art shows and running my own survey, I've found that people prefer to buy a pre-framed piece over one that's matted. It also occurs to me that a great majority of people who buy prints, take a long time to frame them, if they do at all, leaving the piece susceptible to damage.

This is unfortunate. It's safer and the prints will last considerably longer if they're framed. On the other hand, it's given me an opportunity to further differentiate myself from my competitors by giving you the option of buying my fine art photography

giclee prints with my own hand crafted frames.

I craft these frames myself from oak and add a walnut accent joining in the corners. I've made several now and have the experience and know-how to take them further. With time and more experience the designs will get more elaborate. For now though, I still favor the simple look of them. Completing and accenting the entire piece but not detracting from the image itself. Just what a frame should do!

I feel that by adding the frames to the matted prints I've finished them and can promote them as completed pieces. Much like my canvases, which I now only sell framed, these are complete, ready to hang works of art that need no further additions.

The only caveat that I've found that may be problematic is, in order to finish the frames, I have to "finish" the frames. And that means staining, waxing, and varnishing them. That, in itself, isn't the issue. The fact that all these finishes permanently change the color of the frame.

Therefore, I will be the one who chooses the color of the frame. And that will be determined by the image. I know some people won't like the lack of a color choice.

To alleviate this, I hope to change the viewers mindset that the frame should be the final element of a completed piece and not be a subject solely based on the surrounding decor of the room.

Whatever the case may be for you, you now have an additional option and possibly one less thing to worry about.


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