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Enriching your life with art

Updated: Feb 23

A major part of why I live my life as a fine art nature photographer is the value that my art brings to the life of others. A moment of peace or remembrance perhaps. Maybe one of longing of places and things never experienced? It could be the simple act of ownership of something rare and limited. I cannot say what each individuals reasons may be, but I do know some generalities about how art can affect the human psyche.

Art evokes emotion.

Our ability to infer emotion from visual cues is primal. Our interpretation of these cues takes place through our emotions. Certain colors can trigger specific emotional responses.

For instance the pastel blues and pinks found in "Flow"

can instill a sense of peace and tranquility.

While the dark reds of "Rustic Laceration" create feelings of excitement and intensity or may even warn us of danger.

Art connects us to past experiences.

All visual art, when viewed by the onlooker, is translated and interpreted by that onlookers own personal history.

Like when someone views a favorite vacation destination like the Grand Canyon. Many memories come flooding back about that time when.....

Art changes our very perceptions of the world.

Art has the ability to show that beauty, hope, and positivity are what is prevalent in this world and not the onslaught of negative news that is constantly being drummed into our heads.

Art heals us

Exposure to visual art and participation in creative activities creates positive physical changes in the human brain. Art4healing.org put together a very interesting article about the medical studies showing how exposure to art stimulates both left and right brain hemispheres and can be used for treating neurological conditions brought on by a stroke or a brain injury. You can read the article in it's entirety by following this link

Art is an escape.

This is how I benefit personally from creating and enjoying art. I love all things outdoors and through the art of nature photography, I'm blessed with the opportunity to walk a life of adventure and exploration.

As I end this post I can only hope that, in some way, my fine art nature photography can influence you to take a closer look at art and what art brings to you.

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