Hoodoo Sunburst

As I was researching a visit to Horseshoe Bend back in 2017 I found a place called the Toadstool Hoodoos about 45 minutes north of Page, AZ across the Utah border.

After hiking through loose gravel and sand, some inclines and switchbacks for about a mile, I came to a fairly level shelf occupied by several hoodoos.

As I rounded one of the first formations, I noticed that the sun was lower than the tops of the hoodoos and this gave me the idea to create a sun-star, the optical/mechanical trick used to make the sun’s rays so apparent in the final piece. Now, I just had to find the right hoodoo!
It didn’t take that long. When I saw the boulder in the right foreground I immediately saw the relationship between the shape of the rock and the sun. As I continued around the previous hoodoo, I saw the two bushes and their circular shapes perfectly resonate with the boulder and the sun.

The composition in the frame started with a horizontal perspective but as soon as I began thinking about the image, I quickly saw those patterns that emerge only after a sufficient amount of looking and studying.

As I lowered the camera to include some of the reddish sand a triangle was formed by the implied and invisible lines created when the eye jumps from boulder to bushes to sun and back to the boulder. This triangle mimics the shape of the hoodoo perfectly creating another compositional layer.

Hoodoo Sunburst

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