Old Soul

Old Soul was my first inherent thought as I approached this barren, twisted and seemingly wizened old tree. I wanted to isolate that feeling of passed on wisdom. So I got in close, to the point where I felt expressed that concept most keenly.

By placing the broken branch on the lower third of the image, the viewers eye is forced in a circular path along the highlights in a sweeping upward motion.

As the eye travels up the tree it's shown all the weathered, aged and one might say experiences that this old growth has endured.

Limited Edition of 10 Matted Silver Gelatin Prints 

Handcrafted in the Photographers Darkroom
Exhibition Quality Ilford Glossy Fiber Print
Selenium toned and matted with 100% cotton rag mat board for maximum longevity

Pricing structure is as follows:

Prints #1 - 5 $350
Prints #6 - 7 $700
Prints #8 - 9 $1400
Print #10 $2800

Old Soul

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