Planning a shot

Planning a shot

September 10, 2016

I have read innumerable articles on several ways to improve your photography.


One of the ways that I keep hearing more often than others is "Plan your shot/Plan your series!" Now, I will agree with that method to a point. Shooting a series of photographs is important because you need a cohesive body of work to show potential clients and planning the shot shows that you don't simply get lucky and can put some thought into your work.


However, the planning aspect, for me anyway, is negotiable. 


I will plan some shots IF I'm looking for something specific.


Especially if I'm looking for wide angle grand vistas. I'll plan to be there during (hopefully) ideal lighting conditions.


However, I like to take chances and shoot a series of photographs AFTER I get to a location. No plans. Just use my imagination to find a particular aspect of the area to focus my attention on. I think doing that grants a more intimate view into the environment and forces one to live more in the moment of discovery.


The excitement of the discovery will forever be attributed to photography encouraging one to get out and shoot more frequently. Thus becoming a better photographer.



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