Must keep going...

Must keep going...

December 28, 2016

It's been a while.


However, I have not been stagnant. I did my first art fair set up a month ago and it didn't go well.


Not one thing sold.


I don't feel too bad though. When speaking with the other venders there, I got the same reaction from each; the people were looking but not buying.


I just sent the check out to procure my next 10x10 foot space through the Longfellow Fine Art Festivals at the McDowell Mountain Marketplace on January 6th through the 8th. You can find the information here:


I have everything riding on this show. Literally. I have about $200.00 left to invest. 

I'll be going up to Saguaro Lake today to look for some abstracts before sunset. I need new material to keep my creative juices flowing. So long for now.


Till the next time...

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