Gaining XP

Gaining XP

January 26, 2017

Sorry folks, I promise I'll get better at updating this blog more frequently.


It's been a very busy month. I had my first three day art show with the Longfellow Fine Art Festivals that I mentioned earlier. It was fun for sure! I sold a couple pieces, met some new people and overcame some adversities. I enjoyed it so much that I have already secured my place in their next show in Gold Canyon.


In an effort to make more money, I've also decided to sign up for a one day show in Mesa.


Incidentally this is the same show I did back in December which yielded no sales. But what the hell, it only cost $25 for the day. So, it's not like I'll be losing too much money. The potential gains outweigh the risks for sure.


Another reason I've been slacking on my updates is that I got a new toy! A roll film adaptor for my Epson P800! So now I can finally print my panoramics properly! 

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