Are you still editing?!?

Are you still editing?!?

September 28, 2016

Pre-visualization and the importance of keeping an open mind to change.


After spending the day surrounded by the beauty of Lockett Meadow or anywhere else for that matter, you'll always come back to sitting in front of the computer, editing.


A lot of people dread this aspect of the creative process of digital photography. They complain about how much time is spent sitting in front of the computer.

It honestly shouldn't take that long!


If you pre-visualize the final image when looking through the viewfinder or analyzing it on the LCD you should have to spend very little time making the adjustments in whatever image editor you use.


That being said, sometimes by seeing how far you can push the boundaries of the image you just might find more than you saw in the field! I hope to never stop asking myself "What if?" and I pray the same for you!

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