My First Post

My First Post

August 18, 2016

Arizona Antelope Foundation and over this previous weekend we were up Northwest of Flagstaff by Kendrick park on the Coconino National Forest preserve modifying about 3 miles of fencing to make it easier access for Pronghorn to travel under pasture fences so they can mingle with adjacent herds.This is my very first blog post! Yay! Ok. So anyway, my family and I do volunteer work for the


While we were there I took a few photographs of the group at camp but my main objective (photographically speaking) was to work on getting a decent Milky Way photograph. I believe I did. I haven't examined it closely yet but what I saw in-camera looks good. I popped my flash a few times to expose a tree and fence in the foreground which will need a contrast adjustment. I'll take care of that tonight after work!



The Milky Way shot didn't work for me. Elements just didn't come together. It happens.

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