This is the life I choose.

This is the life I choose.

February 27, 2017

Had a pretty busy weekend this weekend. Took a nice drive out to the White Tank Mountains for a wild flower outing. It's still a little early. I got some decent shots, but mostly just Poppies and a few Lupines. I'll be going out again soon.


I sent out my first advertisement in our neighborhood newsletter and planned to set up in my driveway the first weekend of April since I don't have any shows scheduled. My father in law (he does woodworking) set up in my driveway back in October (I think) and it had quite the turnout! I did a lot better than expected. So maybe this time we'll do even better


I also gave a shout out to the Willcox, AZ Chamber of Commerce to inquire about applying for a booth at the Willcox Wine Festival May 20th and 21st. I will definitely keep you all posted on THAT one!


And My wife Jamie and I started formulating a trip up north to Antelope Canyon, Grand Canyon, Brice Canyon, and Zion National Park!


Fun stuff!!

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